eliteFIT PM

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Tue Jan 1, 7:15 PM - Mon Dec 30, 8:15 PM (EST)
Hamilton, Ontario  

Who needs a gym! Tone your legs, bums and tums! This 60 minute program incorporates movements that focus on & introduce the foundation of fitness and help to strengthen and transition out of a sedentary life.
Get to know your body and how strong you really are.
Strength building, core, flexibility, balance and restorative class.

Small group fitness classes that are ideal for and geared towards the beginner or beginning again woman.
The routines provide strength building, transfer to life balance/coordination, mental stimulation and the enjoyable and relaxing restorative flare. Depending on the class the equipment used varies: foam roller, weights, skipping rope, yoga blocks, bands, yoga mats - all are supplied to clients.

Lynda Narducci

Hamilton, Ontario
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